The Truth About Forever

Announcing….Macy Kailyn George!

Ok, so I’m about 8 months late, but as they say, better late than never. The day Macy was born wasn’t exactly the day I thought we would have her (then again, I’m sure every mother I know would say the same thing). Interestingly enough, it was her due date, which is probably why I thought she would never come on that day.

We went in for a doctor’s appointment two days before and Macy had dropped (finally!). Most likely this was due to Jeff’s pushing me to walk twice a day – once in the gym at the hotel we were staying and the other time at the mall – so we were both happy to know that the results were paying off. The doctor did have some concerns about Macy’s little heart, so I got hooked up to a fancy machine for half an hour while they monitored her heart. They let Jeff stay with me in the room during this (their first mistake) and he made me laugh by swiveling around in the chair they provided – “Look, Amy…faster…slower…faster…slower” he would say while pulling his legs in and then putting them back out. Then when the nurse came back in, she said, “Oh, I can tell where you were laughing”, I’m sure my face turned bright red. But I digress.

So the doctor was worried about Macy’s heart rate. She told me to pay attention to the baby’s movement and come back in if I didn’t feel her regularly or if anything else seemed out of the ordinary.

Fast forward to about 2 am that night. I started feeling pretty crampy and wasn’t feeling Macy move as much. I called the doctor that morning and she said to come on in. After putting me back on the heart rate machine, she told me I had to stay.

“Stay now? But I don’t have my bag.”
“Well, your husband can go get your things.”

Problem. I love Jeff, but having him pack for me? I’ve actually considered using a Sharpie or something and marking every toiletry that I regularly use so that if some natural disaster occurs and Jeff has to pack, my toothpaste, sunscreen, and shampoo will actually make it on the trip.

Since I’m a J (Myers-Briggs test for those who are unfamiliar), I had planned somewhat ahead and packed a few things, but it was up to Jeff to figure out the rest. So he did the best he could as I checked in to the hospital and spent more time on the heart rate machine. How did he do, you ask? Pretty good actually. He only called me twice to double check.

After being hooked up again, the nurse gave me some forms to fill out. One of them was the all-important what are you going to name your baby form?

So what were we going to name this little baby girl? I guess the beginning of this kind of ruined any anticipation you might have had, but the story is still somewhat interesting.

Her first name, Macy, had actually been my decision. A long long time ago, in a land far far away called junior high, I began reading books by Sarah Dessen. I’m not actually sure how the first one made it into my hands, but I was in love. Not the kind of love you feel for a boy, but the kind of love a young girl feels when all she wants to be is a writer for a woman who is doing just that, and doing it quite well I might add. The first book I read was Someone Like You, and the writing just about blew me away. I’m not sure why, if it was because of the way she was able to connect so easily to all the feelings that a 12-13 year old feels and actually put words on them, or if the storyline just really touched my deep, feeler soul. Either way, I was hooked. So I ventured on with Sarah Dessen, reading each new book as they came out, and even going backward to find her older writings.

One book, entitled The Truth About Forever, was probably my favorite for sometime and the main character’s name is Macy. I loved the name, the character, and the end of the story, and always thought that if I was ever so lucky to have a little girl of my own, I would name her Macy.

On to the middle name. We had such a hard time. Jeff loved Selah, but alas, we live on the east side, and MSG is just too prevalent here and I just couldn’t do that to an unsuspecting baby. So we looked. And looked. And then looked some more.

Nothing, nothing, nothing. People kept asking and we just kept saying, we don’t know. We still don’t know. We went to Thailand with still no idea. Thinking back, I’m not sure we had a middle name until about a week before she was born.

We kept looking through this baby name book my mom had gotten us, but nothing was really inspiring. I liked the idea of Macy having some part of her name that came from someone else, so that when people asked she could tell them who she was named after. As I thought more and more about this, I continued scrolling through the baby book, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Kaylin. Something about the last name stopped me. Kaylin had several additional spellings – Kaylynn, Kaylyn, Kailyn, Kayelin, etc. It was the third one that really caught my eye. I could name Macy after two of my very favorite people in one fail swoop. Kay for my mom, and Lynn for Jeff. I asked Jeff about it and he immediately liked it and he’s the one who actually chose the spelling Kailyn, which I also liked. And just like that, we had ourselves a baby name.

Now to remember where I left off? Hmm..somewhere around Jeff going back to the hotel to pack for me. So that night was spent waiting. Lots of waiting. All those dramatic movies and television shows I’ve seen were not true in Macy’s case. She acted as though she had all the time in the world to come. We had time to eat dinner, watch When Harry Met Sally, and talk while we waited for Macy to make her appearance. Sometime late that night, the pain really started and Jeff and I walked every hall of the hospital, albeit slowly, to take my mind off of labor. One of the things I remember most is when we made it to the children’s wing of the hospital. We walked through the area, holding hands, and talked about our baby. How excited we were that soon she would be a real little person we could hold.

After making it back to the room, things progressed faster. We all watched Gilmore Girls – the episode where Jess outbids Dean to take Rory on a picnic for those who are fellow Gilmore Girl fans – to take my mind off of the pain.

It was later when my parents had to leave as Jeff and I were taken into a different laboring room and then told that the umbilical cord was wrapped around Macy’s neck, hence all of the problems with her heart rate. The doctor made an executive decision that I would have an emergency c-section and pretty soon after that Macy made her first appearance.

When I first heard her cry, I cried too. With the joy only a mommy can feel the first time she gets to hear her baby’s cry and finally hold this love of her life. What an amazing experience.


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