I have a social baby. For good or for bad, she loves people. Normally, she looks like this…

Or this…

But for the last few days, she has been less interested in people and more interested in sitting still with me. In a room full of people, a room full of kids no less, she’ll sit in my arms and just watch. Her eyes are a little red around the edges, like she’s been crying, and her cheeks are flushed. Sometimes she’d rather turn with her back to the rest of the world and bury her head in my chest. She falls asleep while we eat lunch at a crowded restaurant with friends. My poor baby girl is sick.

It’s not an easy thing to watch your baby suffer. Although this is just part of life, it’s one of those parts you wish you could shield your child from. But we can’t, and so we watch a little closer, get a little more snuggly, and give a few extra kisses to try and take away some of the burden.

And hope that soon the fever will break, the redness will fade, and our baby will start smiling at strangers again. Until then.


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