I have officially disappeared from blogland. Where did I go, you might ask? Well, that’s a story in itself.

Friday morning 7:30 AM. Phone rings. This is a little strange, because our home phone rarely rings and if it does, it is certainly not at 7:30 in the morning.

Jeff answers it (he’s closer to it). Talks quietly for a minute. I hear him say, “I’m sorry”. I sit up in bed. This can’t be good.

He talks a minute longer and then gets off the phone. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “My grandfather died,” he says. We pause a minute and think about this. We knew it was coming, eventually, but still there is never a good time to hear this news.

I lay my head back down. Jeff gets up. About 10 minutes later, he’s back in the bed saying, “they’re only like 100 dollars more”.

“Huh?” I’m not completely awake.
“The plane tickets. They’re only like 100 dollars more than normal.”
“Um, ok.”
“I think we should go.”
“Back home”.

I don’t really know what to say to this. We were “just” there in December and it’s only late-March. Is that ok? I have about a hundred questions run through my mind.

I get up. Jeff gets on the phone, calling his parents, and then we call mine. It’s decided. We’re going.

And we’re off. First step, plane tickets. I call Continental. He calls the travel agent in our city to buy the tickets to Hong Kong.

Oh, no. We’re supposed to meet my BFF in a city near our city during the time that we’ll still be in the States. I can’t believe it. I REALLY want to see her. Then we think – oh, we can just meet her in Hong Kong instead. I call her. She says that is fine and gives her condolences.

Tickets to America bought. Tickets to Hong Kong are going to be delivered at 11 am. (It’s pretty amazing that we can buy the tickets over the phone and then they are delivered to our door within about an hour and a half.)

Fortunately, Macy picks this day to sleep in until about 9:30 am. Love her.

Jeff makes about a thousand phone calls. He’s got things going on in the next couple of weeks and has to make other arrangements.

Sometime around lunch-ish, we finally make it to the packing part. Whew. I’m not exactly sure about the weather in Houston, so I pack a little bit of everything. We’ve got to find Jeff’s dress shirt (doesn’t exactly get worn much around here). I do remember Macy’s Easter dress (but not the sweater that goes with it, whoops).

At about 2 pm, we’re turning off the gas, the water, all the lights, and off we go – to Houston! Pretty crazy that we didn’t decide to leave until about 8 am that morning.

To make a long story, well hopefully shorter, we make it home the next day at like 6ish pm. Macy doesn’t do awesome on the long flight, since it is her daytime she just wants to play and not be restricted by the seat. But we make it, nonetheless, and we are so glad to see Jeff’s parents at the airport.

That ten days we spent was such a blur. The funeral was the next day in Austin and it was a good day of talking about Jeff’s grandfather, eating at his favorite restaurants, and being with family. It sounds silly, but we miss out on so much living overseas, that it was really good just to be there, to be a part of a very important family event.

We spent most of our ten days with our moms and dads. They got to spend a lot of their time with Macy: feeding her, watching her crawl, changing her diapers (thanks Moms!). All the little things that they don’t get to do on a regular basis.

Another really amazing part about being home was getting to see the bluebonnets. They are beautiful in Texas this time of year.

I have pictures as a little girl among the Texas bluebonnets. It was really special to take Macy’s picture there.

The family

Our time home was really, really short, but really, really worth it. What a blessing it is to spend time with our family.


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