Top Ten

Since it’s difficult to condensely (yes, I know – not a word) describe a trip as fabulous as one to London, I thought instead I’d do a little top ten list of my own…

10. On the first day we went to see the Changing of the Guard, one of the more famous tourist attractions in London. We ended up on the wrong side, and quickly ran over to the right side as it was starting. I still couldn’t see anything, and the next thing I knew Jeff has grabbed me and thrown me on his shoulders so I can get a better view. Fortunately, I was the one with the camera. I love my big, strong husband.

9. Taking Macy to see Trafalgar Square.

8. Finally seeing one of those red telephone booths in real life. I think Jeff was more excited about eating his hot dog from the vendor right outside of the British Museum…actually, I think that was Macy’s favorite part too.

7. Doing the British Museum with an almost one-year old. Mom and I spent most of the time chasing her around. Here she is checking out the map and seeing which exhibit she wants to see next.

6. The super big bathtub that the flat had in the master bedroom. It was so nice for Macy to get to play in a big tub. Sounds silly – but our house doesn’t have a bathtub so we just use a small, baby tub for her here. She loves it, but it was fun to have something big while we were on vacation.

5. Discovering Pret A Manger – a wonderful chain of restaurants that serve yummy sandwiches, soups, and salads already prepared at a good price. So good. I have really missed good Western food.
And spending time with my Mom is always good.

4. Getting to see some truly amazing sights, like Big Ben, Parliament, and Windsor Castle.

3. Celebrating my baby girl’s first birthday! Complete with a new dress from H&M (who knew they had baby clothes too?), cookie cake, lots of presents, and grandparents (one set physically there and the other set on Skype), Macy had a fabulous time.

2. Spending some quality time with my parents. It was really fun watching Macy play with her grandparents.

And the number one….the Science Museum!! Bet you never guessed that’s what I would have chosen for my favorite thing in London. I wouldn’t have either.

On our next to last day there, my wonderful, sweet husband offered to watch Macy while my parents and I went to see a West End show (London’s “Broadway”). I chose Chicago and I was really excited about seeing it. It was fantastic. Wow.

When we met back up with Jeff and Macy, I asked what they had done and Jeff had taken her to the Science Museum. As he kept talking about how much fun she had and everything they had done together, I realized how sad I was that I hadn’t got to see Macy in her element. So on our last day, we went to the Science Museum. Seeing Macy have that much fun made me realize why all these parents take their kids to playgrounds, museums, and even Disney World over and over again! 🙂 There’s something magical about watching your kid really and truly enjoy themselves.

There’s an exhibit in the Science Museum that is a huge water tank with lots of toy boats and waterfalls for kids to play in. They even give you a little apron to wear so your clothes don’t get wet. This didn’t stop Macy from getting soaked, but it was a valiant effort on their part.

And one last random picture just for fun…

There was a small Harrod’s store in Heathrow airport, believe it or not, and Macy was terrified of the big green bear. She kept looking at him and then grabbing on to Jeff’s neck as if to say, “protect me Daddy, from the big bad bear.” So cute.

All in all, the trip was a success. Going to London has been my dream vacation for as long as I can remember. Getting to take my daughter there was just icing on the cake. Cookie cake, that is.


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