Two Men

I just got off the phone with my mom. She was telling me that a friend of my dad’s and his wife are getting a divorce. I was pretty sad about it – for all I knew, he was a good, funny guy who made my dad laugh on a regular basis. I asked her why she thought they were getting divorced.

“You know how when your dad goes on a trip and he’s always rushing to the airport after his last meeting to try and catch an earlier flight?”

I smiled. My dad is crazy.

“Well, some men are like your dad and want to get back home as quickly as possible. And some…well, they might stay an extra day just because. They’re just not as…around.”

I thought about this for awhile. As long as I can remember, my dad has rushed to get home to me, to my mom, to his family. He goes to work earlier so that he can be home earlier. If he has an afternoon meeting in a different part of the country, he leaves early evening on the first flight he can get home. If there is ever a chance of inclement weather, he gets stressed out if he thinks his plane won’t be able to take off.

They say you marry someone like your opposite gender parent. My dad and Jeff may be very different people, but they share this in common. Jeff and I have yet to spend a night apart. We’ve been married almost six years.

For some reason, this fact often bothers people. “Don’t you want to do things apart from each other? What if you want a weekend away?”

We have different interests – and don’t get me wrong – we like to spend time with our friends separately. And I know, that one day, there will come a time that we will need to be apart for a night. But really, we like to come home to each other. And if Jeff is traveling for the day, or at a meeting, he comes home as quickly as he can. He, too, gets bummed if there is some reason he couldn’t get home fast enough.

And for this, I am eternally grateful. To have a husband that wants to get home to me, for Macy to have a daddy that wants to spend time with her, is priceless.


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