Like Father, Like Daughter

Today Macy and I joined Jeff for some afternoon basketball fun.  Basketball is one of Jeff’s favorite things in the whole wide world and fortunately for him, there is basketball a-plenty here.  (Let’s just say that Jeff learned words like “foul”, “traveling”, “pass the ball”, and “slam dunk” before he learned how to say a lot of other things…)

Macy checks out her surroundings…lots of leaves

This looks interesting.

Here Mommy, do you want a leaf?

This progression actually happened pretty quickly…

Then, she spotted her daddy on the court…

And went to join him!

This last picture is a little shaky because Macy almost made it onto the court.  Fortunately, I had the camera around my neck, so I just let it go and grabbed her.  Ah, Macy.  Never a dull moment.


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