Carry-On Baggage

I was just checking out the pictures from our smaller camera and I “found” this one.  I had completely forgotten that we had ever taken it.  It’s from April of this year – the trip we took back to the States when Jeff’s grandfather passed away (see “Time” post  for more info).  I super love this picture.  Not only is it a cute picture of Macy (not that I’m biased or anything), but to me, it is a perfect symbol of the life we lead.

Macy has been on at least 24 airplanes in her short life of 14 months.  For one thing, the country she was born in is not the US nor is it the country that we live in.  Confusing, I know.  So when she was one month old, we flew her from that country to this country – that was 2 airplanes by itself (fortunately for us, she slept most of the way).

All this to say, we live a very strange life.  Transient, if you will.  But one of the reasons I like this picture so much is because I like our life.  And I think when Macy grows up, she’ll look back…and hopefully like it too.


One thought on “Carry-On Baggage

  1. macy k, i am waiting the day when you will come home and stay and not be so far away
    love you bunches and send all my kisses for you

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