The Pinnacle

I once took a British History class and I had this very, uh, interesting professor.  I’m searching for the right word to describe him.  He had a handlebar mustache and tucked brightly colored handkerchiefs into his suit pocket every day for class.  He was older and very intelligent, but just a little different. Overall, I enjoyed the class and worked pretty hard for my…uh, B.  (If you know me, you know that was hard to admit).

Anyway, one day before class, it came out that I had gotten engaged.  I don’t remember if he overhead us talking or what, but he somehow joined in the conversation.  And then comes one of my all-time favorite quotes:

“You know, a girl is never more beautiful than on her wedding day.  That’s the most beautiful she’ll ever be.”

I must have nodded my head or given some kind of response, but I don’t remember.  I do, however, remember thinking – hmm.  Well, guess I’ll hit that pinnacle at 20 and it’s all downhill from there.

Today is our wedding anniversary.  We’ve been married for six years.  There’s a lot about that day that is already fading from my mind (something about being a mom does that to you, doesn’t it?), but here’s what I do remember.

  • My bridesmaids and house party were wonderful…they were genuinely excited for me.  One of my bridesmaid’s husband was actually serving our country in Iraq during that time, and I’m sure she missed him something terrible, but she really made that day all about me.  It truly meant a lot.
  • My hair looked great. (Good thing – because this was as beautiful as it was going to get)
  • My face hurt from all the smiling.  I couldn’t have been any happier.
  • Jeff looked so handsome in his tuxedo.  We had not talked to each other that day at all until I walked down the aisle and I cried when I finally saw him standing there.
  • I knew without a doubt that he was the man I was supposed to marry.
  • My bff, Kasie, was a fantastic maid-of-honor.  She did my make-up and fluffed my dress and made a beautiful toast at the reception.
  • All in all, it was a perfect day.

Things have changed a lot in six years, but obviously for the better.  As I think back about my wedding day, I often think – well if that’s as beautiful as I’m going to get, at least I was having a good hair day.


One thought on “The Pinnacle

  1. Dear Amy, it was a beautiful day (and yes, you have looked beautiful since then). if I could, i would give you another wedding – it was sooo much fun!!!!!
    i love you (Jeff, too) and of course, my other baby girl, Macy Kailyn

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