Just a Stage

I do not do a lot of sitting.  Thinking back – I think I used to do a lot more sitting – watching tv, movies, hanging out at friend’s houses, eating out.  Now, I do a lot of running.  After Macy, that is.

Whenever we go anywhere – to hang out with friends, to eat out as a family, to Walmart (yes, we have Walmart – that is a blog in itself) – I’m usually the one running after Macy.  There are times (more than I’d like to admit) that I get frustrated because I just want to relax.  Hang out with adults.  Talk.  Usually I can catch only snippets of conversations and never quite know what people are talking about.  Macy never wants to sit still (which I’m sure is typical toddler behavior!) and so if we go to a friend’s house or a restaurant, one of us spends most of our time chasing her.

However, tonight while chasing Macy, I was reminded of the way I felt when she was first born and cried non-stop.  I would think – why, oh why, can’t I get her to stop crying?  What am I doing wrong?  Please, Macy, please.  And then one day, she didn’t cry as much.  I remembered when I would have to change her outfit multiple times a day because she would throw up on it or have a messy diaper that would get on her clothes.  I would think – oh, Macy, not again.  And stain-stick her onesies and dresses and do load after load of laundry.  And then one day, I started to realize that I wasn’t changing her clothes very often.  One outfit a day would do it.  Wow.

And as I thought about all this, I thought – one day, I won’t have to chase her around.  I’ll actually be able to sit at a table with friends and eat dinner and talk like a real adult.  But then, Macy might be too big to sit in my lap.  Or to run up to me with her hands held up high in the “please pick me up Mommy” position.  And I have a feeling that day will come all too quickly.

And so, I relished the chasing.  I didn’t even mind missing the adult conversation.  It could wait, I thought.  My little girl can’t.


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