The Professional Packer

When Jeff and I were in our honeymoon in San Francisco (and what a wonderful place that was to visit), we took an all-day tour through Muir Woods, the wine country, and the Golden Gate bridge.  Over lunch, we struck up a conversation with our tour guide and found out that this was only one of his jobs.  It turned out he was a professional organizer as well as a tour guide.  Interesting.  Jeff asked more questions and he told us about how people just let him into their extra bedrooms, offices, and garages to “organize” their stuff.  He had some really funny stories and told us about people that held onto to just about anything simply because they were afraid to let it go.

Well, I don’t think I’ll ever enter the professional organizer arena – although I find the whole thing fascinating – but I could serve as a professional packer.  Where are you going?  How many people?  Will there be a washing machine available for use?  A place to buy diapers nearby?  How many days are you staying?

We’re getting ready to go on a little trip and so it’s back to the packing drawing board for me.  Since moving overseas, Jeff and I travel, travel, travel.  Travel out for the day.  Travel out for a few days.  Travel to another country for a few days.  Travel within this country for a few days.  Whew.  And traveling with a one-year-old has really changing our way of…traveling.  For example, this trip we are packing clothespins.  Clothespins, you may ask? Well, someone (a very brilliant someone) told us once that their baby couldn’t sleep well in the same room as her parents.  So they hung up a sheet kind of around the baby’s pack-and-play, and voila – a “private” room was born.  Also on the list – lots of diapers (not sure where the nearest stores will be), extra Macy-friendly snacks (you just seem to go through those quicker on a trip), a few favorite toys and books, and the Kindle (thanks Mom & Dad).

And so our bed is cluttered with all these things and more.  We’ve got it down to a science now – I am the person who lays it all out, Jeff is the person who gets it all in the suitcases.  So glad we found each other.  And off we’ll go on another adventure!  See you when we get back!


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