Hotel California

I am typing this very quietly.  Very quietly.  Why?  Because I have a sleeping one-year-old and at the moment, we are sharing living space.  And I would really (really) like her to stay asleep.

We have been living out of a hotel since last Sunday, which is starting to feel a little bit like forever.  Don’t get me wrong – I love hotels.  In the US, that is.  Hotels on the east side tend to be, a little, um rough around the edges.  The first place we stayed had one of the hardest beds I’ve ever slept on (I think my hips were actually bruised) and not quite enough room for the pack-and-play.  Now, we are in a different city and the hotel situation has dramatically improved.  The hotel is a chain actually, and I have been super-impressed with their cleanliness, service, and the bed is also not too shabby.  Macy has enjoyed quite a nap snuggled in the middle of it.

All this to say, I love traveling and I’ve loved seeing friends (some we haven’t seen in 2 1/2 years!), but I wish I could move my house (or at least Macy’s crib) around with us!  🙂  However, this trip has actually been quite a success in the sleeping department…Macy has slept through the night every night except one, AND has taken a nap.  For those very observant mommies out there who read this, yes, my precious darling has gone down to one nap a day.  At least I think she has.  I have mourned the loss of the morning nap, but alas, I am celebrating the super-length of the one afternoon nap.  Yay!

Anyway, I think we are molding our little pumpkin to be a traveler.  And learn to stay in hotels.  And sleep on planes, trains, and whatever comes her way.  I pray that she will grow up to be an adaptable toddler, kid, and young adult.

I wish I could share with you a picture of the “room” Jeff crafted with an extra duvet cover, clothespins, and some Aggie engineering, but that will have to wait until Macy wakes up and I can use some flash photography.  I love my hubby.

Until then.


p.s.  For those of you who live on the east side – I hope you enjoy my title reference.  How many times have you heard that song in this country anyway? 🙂


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