Package Day

When the doorbell rings and you’re not expecting anyone…it can only be Package Day!  Package Day is a very special day that only comes around every so often when someone (mostly my mom and dad) has gone out and filled a big box full of things you can only buy in America, taken them to the post office, filled out all the paperwork, and paid to mail the goodies all the way to this side of the world.  It truly is an amazing day.  We’re never quite sure what each package will entail – and this makes them all the more exciting!

Over the last four years, my parents have probably mailed 25 (or maybe more) packages.  Some of them have had food items like cranberry sauce (around Thanksgiving time), French’s fried onions to put on top of green bean casserole, cake mixes, chocolate chips, and lots of lots of candy – Reese’s, Twix bars, and even almond Snickers.  Yum.  Sometimes they are more random, like party decorations, a new hat for Jeff, a new book for me, or some Shout Advanced (that stuff really works on stains).  But I think my mom’s favorite thing to mail is new clothes for Macy girl.  Every package has at least one new outfit, possibly more, of super-cute clothes – tights, socks, dresses, jeans, etc. – and maybe even sunglasses (which I can’t get her to actually wear, but are very cute)!

One year for Jeff’s birthday, his mom and dad went out and bought him all kinds of specialty foods from Central Market and other birthday gifts (including a Waltrip t-shirt) and mailed it to us.  It was so fun opening that package because we could tell each part was lovingly picked out with us in mind – soup mixes, different snack foods, and sweets.  That was a stuffed package!

These packages really make our day.  It’s hard to believe that the package we received today might be the last one we get for awhile – we’re going back to Houston in December and will be able to take our own trips to Kroger!  But until then…I will enjoy the almond Snickers my mom threw in for me – and need to stick it somewhere Jeff won’t find it! 🙂


One thought on “Package Day

  1. Macy, Papa was so excited about your mommy’s newest blog, he read the whole thing to me. He is so funny and can’t wait for you to get home.
    i love shopping for you but I am waiting until your mommy is here so we can shop together for you (and her).
    I love you, Macy girl!!!!!

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