Tiny Dancer

Macy had the privilege of scoring an invitation to a very special birthday party.  The theme was:  Ballerinas.  Fortunately, we just happened to have this little number in the back of our closet.*

*In reality, my mom had sent this for Macy’s Halloween costume.  It even has a wand too.

Posing in front of the tent

Mommy, do I have to wear this on my head?

At first, Macy was not a huge fan of the tiara.  I would put it on.  She would take it off.  I chased her around the house with the camera around my neck.  I put it on.  She took it off.  And the cycle continued.

Arrival at the party – she’s checking out the birthday girl’s bracelet.

Wow, you’re really pretty.

Hey – you have a tiara too!

Hi!  Maybe I’ll wear my tiara and look like the big girls.

Trying on her new ballet shoes – a gift from the birthday girl.

I like being a ballerina.

She actually wore the tiara for some of the party.  Then, this morning when she got up and saw it on the coffee table, it was the first thing she wanted.  I couldn’t get her to take it off!  Go figure.


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