Don’t Change Your Mind

This is from one of my favorite parts of the Gilmore Girls – when Luke and Lorelai are finally about to become…Luke and Lorelai.

Luke:Hey it’s me. Listen I got a call from my sister and TJ, they are up in Maine and they got into a little accident. Nothing too major, just each one of them broke an arm and a leg. So anyhow, they can’t run the Renaissance fair booth for a couple of weeks. So they asked me to come and help them out, and I, unfortunately, answered the phone, so I’m on my way to Maine. I’ll be back in about a week. OK? Bye.
Lorelai: Great…
(Message number 2)
Luke: Hey it’s me again, I’m not sure we are at the point in this relationship where you actually need to know that much information about my whereabouts. So if we’re not, I’m sorry. I could have just said, “I’m going out of town, and I’ll call you later.” So I’m going out of town, and I’ll call you later.
(Message number 3)
Luke: It’s me again. The idiot that leaves you three rambling messages on your machine. I just wanted to tell you I got a cell phone before I left so… You know you could call if you want, but only if you want so… That’s it.
Lorelai: AH! (Frustrated)
(Message number 4)
Luke: Yeah, number might be good.
Lorelai: Thank you. (She writes the number down)
Luke: 860-294-1986. OK bye.
(Message number 5, she is finishing writing down the number)
Luke: Just…don’t change your mind until I get back, OK? OK, talk to you later.


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