Four in a Day

Yesterday, I did four loads of laundry.  To those of you who live in the States, this may not be very exciting.  But to those of you who live on the east side – not bad, huh?

A typical family here may or may not have a washing machine.  Actually, the washing machine is quite a luxury over here.  The dryer is something that hasn’t quite caught on, probably because of the price tag.  Plus, most people are just used to hanging their clothes out to dry.  The only families I know in our city that have a dryer are foreigners (and I don’t mean this ugly, that’s just the term we use to describe those of us ex-pats).  I am blessed to have both – one from our landlord and the other from my loving husband.

The reason four loads is impressive is that even though I do have a washing machine and a dryer – neither of these are nearly as big as they are in the States (think lots of little loads) and the dryer does not work nearly as quickly.

A picture of my washing machine…

The inside of the machine…

You’ll notice that it’s missing something every American washing machine has – that thing in the middle that swishes your clothes around (I’ve completely forgotten the name).  So our clothes tend to get worn out a little faster here.

And this is my beautiful Panasonic dryer.  She’s a little bit small, but does her job just fine.

I’m kind of weird about my laundry and even in the States would rather do a few smaller loads a week than do giant loads on the weekends.  For some reason, it just bothers me when the laundry basket is overflowing.  Maybe this will go away as Macy gets bigger and decides to play dress-up with all the clothes in her closet.

Since moving here, I’ve pretty much done one load of laundry a day.  Strange, I know, but I find it less stressful.  Plus, since my washer and dryer are so much smaller – it would be killer if I waited a week to do laundry.  This way, I just kind of throw stuff in, check back later, and fold while Macy jumps on the futon.

Oh – gotta run.  My second load today just finished.  🙂


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