Nai Nai

The way you say grandmother in this language is “nai nai” – kind of sounds like “nigh nigh”.  Well, this isn’t entirely true, because there are different ways of saying grandmother depending on if you are talking about the father’s mother or the mother’s mother.  But I digress.

Macy’s “nai nai” ( i.e. Jeff’s mom) is having a birthday today.  Since we can’t eat her cake either, I thought I’d post some more pics.  Sound familiar? 🙂

Last Christmas eating Olive Garden…

Reading a book to Macy while she was here in September…

And two of my most favorite pictures ever.  Reading time is fun…

And exciting!

One of my most favorite stories about Jeanette is the time that we all went to Galveston.  I should probably back up a bit.  Jeff and I had gone on, like two (maybe three) dates and the next morning he calls me early and says – my mom, dad, uncle, aunt, cousin, and cousin’s boyfriend are all going to Galveston…do you want to come?  Wow.  Of course, I said yes, got ready in about 20 minutes (a record for me at that time) and he picked me up.

That day was really fun.  We had a nice breakfast, walked around the Strand, ate shrimp po-boys for lunch and rode the ferry.  But my favorite part was when we walked out onto a jetty to check out the scenery and I turned around to find Jeanette lying on her stomach searching for hermit crabs.  I will forever carry that image with me.  It was great.  I think it was then that I realized Jeff and I had very different childhoods.  🙂

In all seriousness, I am very blessed to have Jeanette as my mother-in-law.  She is giving, encouraging, and thoughtful.  From the time Jeff and I started dating, she paid attention to every food I did or didn’t like and fixed everything accordingly.  She makes individual salads for everyone based on what their food preferences are.  My in-laws have flown across the ocean on three separate occasions – never complaining, serving others, and putting up with my lack of caffeinated coffee in the house.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jeanette and Macy play together.  Macy loved Jeanette because she read her endless books, took her outside whenever she wanted, and played on the floor with her.  How lucky Macy is to have Jeanette for a nai nai!

So, happy birthday Poopsie!  (yes, this is what Jeff calls his mom)  We wish we could be there with you to celebrate, but we’re looking forward to seeing you next month.


2 thoughts on “Nai Nai

  1. Amy and Macy, I am very glad that you have Poopsie for your grandmother and mother-in-law. Unlike Jeff’s MIL, your does not “meddle”.
    I know she will always be there for my girls.
    love, mama

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