Closet Space

When I was in college, I had this ginormous closet.  Ok, well not my freshman year when I lived in the dorms, but my sophomore year when I moved out into an apartment.  I mean, this closet was so big I could fit all of my clothes, some shelves, a laundry basket, and a bookcase for goodness sakes.

Looking back, it’s kind of funny that as a married adult I have about 10% of the closet space I had as a 18-year-old.

But anyway.

I super love our apartment right now.  I think this is mostly because I’ve got all my stuff arranged the way I like it (only took 4 years) and I’m used to it.  I like that downstairs in our building (literally, our building) you can buy eggs, fresh veggies, milk, and some paper products.  I like that Macy took her first steps in this living room.

But I do not super love our closet space.

We actually are fortunate enough to have two built-in wardrobes.  They are pretty big and do have a little storage space above and below where you hang your clothes.  However, our bathrooms and office do not have any storage space, so we did what most people do here – we bought bookshelves for the office and storage shelves for the master bathroom.  Everything else we try to hide away in various drawers, under the sink cabinets (also a bonus), and other places.

All this to say – even with so little storage space (which actually I am thankful for, because it forces us not to hold on to silly stuff) – our small family of three has still managed to accumulate a lot!

We are leaving for the States in less than a month and this has forced me to look around the house and do some “spring” cleaning.  We’re taking one room at a time and filling up bags with things that we no longer need.  Then, we throw some of it out and take the rest to Goodwill.  🙂

If you’re paying attention, you’re probably thinking – Goodwill?!  You have that?


What I meant to say was – we throw some of it out and the rest we bag up and set very neatly next to the trash can.  This is our “Goodwill”.  Sometimes we have specific people we give things to, but sometimes we know that there are things in our house that someone else could really use and we can’t.  So after we set these things out (in America, I think this is like people setting things out in their yard and waiting for someone to grab it), someone always takes it.  It feels a little strange, to be honest, but I’m hopeful that it is helping someone in our neighborhood.

So for the next few weeks, I am genuinely trying to de-clutter the drawers, shelves, and cabinets that I do have.  Maybe I should hire that professional organizer guy I met in San Francisco (The Professional Packer).  Eh, maybe not.


One thought on “Closet Space

  1. Glad to hear about the spring cleaning. I have 2 rooms and an attic devoted to Amy’s stuff (okay Macy has a big chunk and Jeff has a little bit of room). My favorite child, Amy Elizabeth, does not like to part with her things so this is a big step.
    I love you my only daughter and am almost counting the days until you, Macy and Jeff come home.

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