A Different Kind of Thankful

Growing up, when a big storm would roll into Houston, I would hope and hope that the electricity would go off.  In my child mind, no electricity meant no school and no school meant lots of playing.

As an adult, I do not hope and hope that my electricity will go off.

But today it did.

We were having a friend over for lunch at noon.  At 11:58, we lost power.  I called the management office to tell them that we did not have electricity.

“Did you pay your bill?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Well, you need to call the electricity company.”


I double-checked with Jeff.  Yes, we had paid for electricity.  I went outside and asked one of our neighbors – they didn’t have electricity either.  I called the management company back.

“My neighbors don’t have electricity either.  And we paid for our electricity.”

“Well, here is the number for the electricity company.  We didn’t turn it off.”

I called the electricity company.  The very nice lady told me they did not turn off our electricity.

“You should call the management company.”

I felt like I was in “Who’s on First?”.

At this point, I just kind of gave up.  It was then that I realized I was still pretty thankful.

  • Today was not Thanksgiving Day.  We were not trying to use two ovens to cook two turkeys.
  • We still had gas and lunch was going to be cooked on the stove.
  • It was daytime so there was enough light to see in the apartment.
  • Today was a pleasantly cool and yet not too cold day…no a/c or heaters needed.  Perfect.
  • Macy took an awesome afternoon nap.
  • By late afternoon, our electricity did come back on.

Happy day after Thanksgiving.  🙂


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