Christmas Cards

Some friends of ours asked to borrow our camera to take pictures for their Christmas card.  Christmas card, I thought.  What a brilliant idea!  🙂

I did not think through that this meant trying to get a good picture.  Of the three of us.  With some decent scenery.  And one of us is only a year old.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

We went out to what I consider to be the nicest park we have in our city and tried three different backgrounds.  Having Macy in a park and telling her to sit still and smile was a little difficult, but overall we managed.

We did end up with a few pics like this…

This one’s not bad, but watch the progression as Macy decides she can’t sit still any longer.

She starts sliding…

And keeps right on going.

This one ended up being the winner and will be featured on this year’s Christmas card.

And so will this one…

In between photo shoots, Macy ran around and played and I ended up snapping this one of her.  Another interesting thing you might notice is that we are all wearing short sleeves (or sleeveless!).  Yes, these pictures were taken in November, but the temperature at the beginning of the month was still pretty warm.  It has just now gotten cooler (like 67 degrees or so).

A special thanks to my mom and mother-in-law for their willingness to address and stamp our many cards!  Merry almost Christmas!


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