Ten Days

I just realized today is December 2. That means we are leaving in ten days.


A few people have asked how I feel about going back to Houston after being away for four years. I’m not too sure how to answer that question. Excited? Yes. Sad? Yes. A little anxious? Yes.

I’m trying to remember that day – December 29, 2006 – when we boarded a plane to move overseas. I remember the night before that I didn’t get a lot of sleep, mostly because we were up late making sure everything we thought we needed was packed. I remember feeling kind of surreal as I say goodbye to my parents-in-law the night before and my mom that morning. Our good friend had offered to take us to the airport since he had a truck and my dad came along to help with the bags. I also remember the guy at the counter weighing each bag and every one of them was either exactly or right under 70 pounds. Jeff had weighed and re-weighed each of those bags until he got it right. I remember saying goodbye to my friend and goodbye to my dad and getting some coffee before we found the boarding gate. It was a VERY long plane ride and then we finally landed here.

I can’t believe that was four years ago. A lot has changed since then.

For one thing, when I left – the tall boots with the skinny jeans were not popular. Neither were tights under your skirt, to my surprise during one of our trips home at Christmas. When I left, I was 22. Now I’m 26. When I left, Jeff and I had been married 2 1/2 years – and now we’re at 6 1/2. When I left, I had no children and wasn’t even ready to start thinking about them. Now I have a beautiful one year old who fills my days with joy. When I left, I didn’t know any of the people (with the exception of Jeff’s cousin and his wife) that I now call dear friends.

And now we’re going back to the place where we grew up. Even if it is for a short time, I still am ready to have some time with our families and our friends. I’m ready for Macy to get some serious bonding time with her grandparents, her aunts and uncles, and her cousins. And I’m ready to reconnect with some of my good friends that I’ve kept in touch with even from all the way around the world.

And then I think – ten days?! Maybe I should stop blogging and get packing! (And then I realize, I don’t need to pack, I can buy everything in America :)).

We still need to “pack” up our house – put clothes, towels, linens in space saver bags to keep them from molding, put picture frames and books away, pack up Macy’s soft toys and books. And we’ve started a bag of things that we do want to bring home. Plus, we need to spend some good time with our friends here.

So I guess I’ll get off of here…and get to work.


2 thoughts on “Ten Days

  1. wow! what an exciting time! i certainly hope the next 10 days are sweet! and that your time in the states is at least a little bit spicy! bring on the tex mex! ha!

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