The Importance of Food

I mentioned that a lot of people have asked me if I am excited to go back to Houston.  What I forgot to mention is that everyone on this side of the world has another (very important) question for me.

What is the first thing you’re going to eat when you get back?

We ex-pats take our food very seriously.  And when a person returns to the States we often ask – how was your time?  Who did you get to see?  What did you eat?

Not necessarily in that order.

So I’ve thought long and hard about this question.  What will be the first thing I eat?

The first time we went back to the US I think the first thing I ate was Sonic – or maybe it was Wendy’s.  The second time my mom had bought me one of those variety packs of cereal and I ate like four small boxes with lots and lots of milk.  (Our milk here doesn’t taste like American milk – see What’s for Dinner? for more info).  And I believe both times Jeff has ended up with a chili cheese dog from Sonic.

I definitely think I could go for a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino.

Or maybe a Subway sandwich.

Or a Taco Bell soft taco.

Oh, the possibilities.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Food

  1. It is amazing the foods you miss. When we visited you guys, all I wanted when we got home was burgers and fries!
    I hope you enjoy all the wonderful foods you’ve missed!
    Have a great trip home!

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