For the last two days, it feels like all we have done is space bag.  This, of course, is not entirely true.  We have also defrosted the fridge, seen lots of friends, packed a couple of bags, and thrown (a lot of) stuff away.

I knew in Jeff’s mind that he REALLY wanted to have one last hurrah before we left.  (Mashed Potatoes will tell you more about Jeff’s love for having people over).  I also knew that left to his own devices, this hurrah would come at a very inconvenient time for my personality – like the night before we left.

So I tried to beat him to the punch.

I offered to have a Settlers of Catan game at our house tonight – two nights before we left.  Somehow this makes me feel much better. (I get a little stressed right before a trip.)

The Settlers of Catan you may ask?  What is that?

For more info – you can look at this awesome link my dad sent me…

A New Board Game for the Ages?

Before we moved here, and really until Macy was born, I was not very into games.  Ok, let’s be honest, I didn’t really like games.  But over time (and with a lot of help from our friends here), I have become a convert.  Not necessarily every time – I often choose to sit a game out and just socialize – but I do enjoy a good Settlers game every now and again.

And so I guess we’ll take a break from space bagging (if that is a word?) and get our game on.


p.s.  If you were wondering, our Settlers game will be making the trip to the U.S.  🙂


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