Day Two (and Three?)

We spent a little time in the airport before our flight – drinking a Starbucks coffee, eating a Whopper, and letting Macy run around as much as possible.

The long flight was well….long.  This will sound crazy, but an 11 hour flight is actually not that bad.  We have done the 14 or 15 hour leg from Hong Kong to Newark before, and wow, that is a terribly long flight.  You feel like you should be circling the world twice.

Anyway, since Macy has spent the morning running around the airport, she hadn’t realized how tired she was until we buckled her into her seat.  Once the plane took off, she slept for 2 1/2 hours.

We spent the remainder of the plane ride entertaining her with anything and everything.  I think she ate about every 10 minutes.  We had brought with us about 5 brand new things to play with – including Play Doh (which she wasn’t really into, but Jeff enjoyed), squeaky animals (which she loved), and stickers (also a big hit).  At one point, we got the computer out and tried a Baby Einstein episode, but that only kept her interest for about 10 minutes.

By the end of the ride, she fell back asleep and so did we.  So tired.

In the capital, we had sat on the tarmac for about 45 minutes and so we were pretty late landing in San Francisco.  We still had about an hour and a half before our flight to Houston so I wasn’t too concerned about making the flight.  I figured – go through immigration, grab bags, go through customs, re-check bags, and make it to next gate…shouldn’t be too bad.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

For some reason, the bags took a long time to come out.  Then, it was quite a long walk after re-checking our bags to get to the gates.  I looked at my watch and realized we only had about 15 minutes before boarding.  We stopped at information to ask where our gate was.

“Oh, it’s in a different terminal.  You go through security here, then go right, down the stairs, and follow the signs to the gate.”

“Go through security?” I asked.  I somehow had forgotten that the US requires international flights to go back through security when transferring to a domestic flight.

“Yes, the line starts right here.”

And then I saw the line.  It was about 200 people long.  We had 10 minutes to boarding.  There was no way.

We just kind of stood there.  The thought of calling my parents and telling them we had missed our flight to Houston made me sick.  Right there in the security line, I started to cry.  A couple of people turned around to look at me.  Embarrassing.

After about 30 seconds, a lady came up to me.  She was wearing the security uniform, so I guess she worked for the airport.

“Where are you going?”


“When does your flight leave?”

“In about 30 minutes.  Our previous flight was delayed.”

She looked at our boarding passes and motioned for us to follow her.  And just like that, we were in this hidden line that was only about 5 people deep.  I couldn’t believe it.

We made it through security and then ran (literally) to our gate.  It was about 10 minutes going at full speed to make it to our gate…down stairs, lots of turns, and past lots of people.

Right as we ran up, they began boarding.  We were sweaty, exhausted, and stressed.  But we were getting on the plane to Houston.


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