3 AM

Oh, jet lag.  We are not friends.

If you’ve ever flown overseas, you know that the first few hours after landing, it doesn’t matter how tired you are.  You are so excited to be wherever you are, that your adrenaline carries you through.  Eventually, you go to sleep…and then when you wake up you meet…jet lag.

Macy went to sleep about 9ish on Monday night.  We didn’t go to sleep until about 10:30ish.

And then Macy woke up…at 3.  She didn’t just wake up at 3, she WOKE up at 3.  She was awake.

So we (the three of us) all came downstairs.  We all ate a snack – Macy: yogurt, Jeff: leftover pizza, Amy: Cocoa Krispies – and then played in the living room.  We watched terrible American TV (there is nothing on at 3 AM – seriously, the line up was infomercials, Married With Children, and reality TV).

About 5:45, my dad came down to go to work.  My mom was up too and so we all saw him off.

At 6:15, we decided to jump in the car and get some Shipley’s.  Yum.

Macy wearing new pajamas and house shoes

Hopefully tomorrow we will sleep a little past 3.


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