Candlelight Service

From birth to 18 years of age, Christmas Eve was a day that we spent driving to my grandparent’s house, getting settled in, and going as a family to Christmas Eve Service at the First Baptist Church there.  The service was beautiful – complete with plenty of Christmas carols, a Scripture reading by the pastor and his family, and my favorite part – the lighting of the candles.  Every year, a woman sang a solo about how one light in the darkness becomes two, and then can become more.  It truly is a beautiful scene as you watch the church light up one light at a time.

Of course, things have changed quite a bit since I was 18 and so has Christmas Eve.  Every year since that last year, it has looked a little bit different.

This year, we took pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

Macy found this giant bear (that used to be mine) and dragged him over to check out the tree.

Macy with her grandparents

Family photo

After pictures, we drove to a large and beautiful church here in Houston.  Before the service began, I tried to let Macy run around as much as possible and climb as many stairs as her little legs would take her up and down.  The idea of trying to keep her still for an hour long service was…well, it reminded me of trying to keep her still on the 11 hour flight over here.

She definitely enjoyed the singing time (and so did I), but once the speaking began we were pulling out snacks, books, and stickers.  I realized that this was the first time Macy (as a toddler) has ever been in a “church service”.  In the east, we get together with believers, but these times are different from a traditional service in the west – Macy is used to running around during worship.

And then came the end of the service.  We each held our candles (except for Jeff because he was holding Macy) and as the light was passed around, I was again reminded of the many services at my grandparent’s church.  I love the picture of the light overtaking the darkness.  Even though she was antsy through most of the service, even Macy stayed still as the candles were lit throughout the sanctuary.  And I remembered why this is my favorite part of Christmas Eve.


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