Same Old, Same Old

For those of you with babies or toddlers, you know how important a routine can be.  I don’t mean doing the same thing every day – most kids love to get out, see new people, do new things – but keeping some things the same can really make a difference in your child’s life.  For Macy, if she can get a nap after lunch and go to bed around the same time every night…her life is pretty good.

On the east side, we had this down to a science.  Even though our daily life looked different from day to day – maybe going to visit friends, doing a little traveling, having people over – Macy knew when it was naptime and knew when it was bedtime.  She knew where her bed was, and if she had her paci and her “baby” (her stuffed giraffe), she was all set.  All it took was a quick kiss from me and she was off to dreamland.

And then we uprooted.

I love being home right now – especially for the holidays.  But it is difficult to explain to an 18-month-old why she is not sleeping in her room, in her bed.

For the first few days when jet lag was really terrible, we helped Macy fall asleep by laying down next to her in our bed and then transferring her to her bed.  The next few days after that, I would hold her for a little while  just until she got calm and sleepy and then put her in her bed.

I missed the routine.

Now that we’ve been home a couple of weeks, Macy is starting to develop a routine here.  She knows where her room is, she knows where her bed is, and is pretty comfortable in my parent’s house.  The last couple of nights have been the first time that I have been able to put her in her bed without the extra holding and even though she is awake when she goes in, she falls asleep within a few minutes.

This is wonderful.

Since we are ex-pats, we live very strange lives that involve a lot of transition for a baby/toddler.  It always feels good when they finally adjust to wherever you are at the time.  Home can be a lot of places.


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