M is for Miami

We just got back from a very special trip to Miami.  Special because we got to see some of my family that I haven’t seen since we left for the east side four years ago…my grandmother, two uncles, an aunt, and a cousin.

The plane ride there was only 2 hours and Macy slept through about half of it.  The other hour we bribed her to stay still with snacks, stickers, and books (anyone sensing a theme here?!).  And Sesame Street podcasts…which only worked for like 2 minutes before Macy just wanted to push the buttons on the iTouch.  But we did get to see the Magnificent Letter M, which I thought was perfect for our trip.

The first morning we got up and took Macy to her first trip to the Atlantic Ocean.

Macy on the beach with Papa

Getting a little closer to the water with Daddy

Macy loved the water

The water was cold, but this didn’t stop Macy from sitting down in it…Jeff has lifted up her dress so she can go in even further.  I think if we would have brought her bathing suit, she would have been all the way in.

We had lunch with the fam later that day…

From left to right: Marilyn, Mom, me, Macy, Uncle David, Grandma, Dad, Aunt Eileen, Ben, and Uncle Josh (who might look a little bit like Dad :))

The three boys – Josh, Dad, and David

Four generations photo

The day before we left, my dad got emails saying that three of us had been upgraded to first class!  I was a little concerned about taking Macy into first class, but turns out she was so exhausted she slept almost the entire flight.  (If you’re wondering, Dad was the odd man out who ended up sitting in coach…thanks Dad!)

All in all, it was a great trip – seeing family, eating good food, enjoying beautiful Miami weather, and going to the beach.  Now we have to take Macy back in the summer so she can really vacation Florida style!


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