Thin Mints

Since moving overseas, there is one time of year that I really do miss.  It’s…Girl Scout Cookie time.

Every year that we have been gone, my wonderful parents have done a little Girl Scout cookie shopping of their own and sent the goodies to us via mail.  This is always a wonderful treat.

Last year, though, one box was forgotten.

“Mom, I thought you ordered Thin Mints.”


That year, we ended up making a quick trip back to Houston in March (see Time) and I called a friend of ours whose daughter sells Girl Scout Cookies to ask if they had any boxes of Thin Mints.

They did.  Life was good.  (On a sidenote, I think they ended up giving me their own personal box of cookies.)

Fast forward to now.

Macy got some Mardi Gras style beads from Grandmommy (Jeff’s mom) and wore them all of Christmas Day.  She was still wearing them a few days after Christmas when this same friend invited us out to lunch.  Her daughter Abby took one look at Macy’s beads and went back into the house to retrieve her own personal stash of beads (maybe 50 in all) and gave them to Macy.

But the gifts weren’t just for Macy.

After that, they handed me an entire case of…Thin Mints.  Like a giant box.  There’s probably 20 individual boxes in there.  I will freeze them and eat them slowly.  🙂

So I would say we’ve been welcomed back to Houston with arms wide open.  Hard to beat 50 new strands of beads…and an entire box of Thin Mints. Thanks Ganze family!

Macy checking out all her new beads

Hmm…how do these look?

Daddy tries them on (Macy was not a huge fan of this…she’s trying to get them off)


One thought on “Thin Mints

  1. i’m pretty sure it’s a sin to be a wee bit jealous for all those boxes of thin mints… but jealous i am! so for those of us on the east side i ask that you please enjoy them – every last one! 😉 ~jd2

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