I’m Actually From Here part 2

I promised I would blog this, so I’ll try to keep my word…

My bff Kasie is in town and we got together today for lunch/girl time/pedicures.  We had a wonderful time getting our toes done and talking about her upcoming wedding.  We finished, dried our polish, and then Kasie paid.  I got up to pay as well and handed the girl my credit card.

“Cash or check only.  No card.”


I knew there was no cash in my wallet.  I finally got the East Asian money out of there like last week.  I asked Kasie to borrow some money.  She said sure…and counted out exactly three dollars short of what I needed.


Another lady said, “Oh, there’s an ATM machine next door.”

That’s good, I thought.  I dug through my wallet.  Jeff has my ATM card.

Round three.

I realized at that moment I did not have:

  • a cell phone
  • cash
  • ATM card

I did, however, have three credit cards.

So I did what any girl would do.  I used my bff’s cell phone and called my dad.


“Everybody is sleeping.”  (yes, this is really what he said)

“Ok, well, I need some money.”


“Kasie and I are at Kristi’s and I need you to bring me some cash.  They don’t take credit cards.”


I repeat what I just said.

“What’s Kristi’s?”

“It’s a nail salon.”

“A mail salon?”

“A nail salon.”

“Ok, I’ll be right there.”

And so my dad drove to the nail place (which fortunately is about 5 minutes away) and brought me some cash.  I felt like I was back in high school.

I’m actually from here.  I promise.

(See I’m Actually From Here for more info)


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