For My Information…

There are some things I want to get down and record before Macy is all grown up and I forget everything.  Macy is really at the stage (20 months) where she is adding new vocabulary all the time…and remembering it!

Here’s some new words:


Cook-cook (this is what she calls Grandmommy – it started off as Cookie, but now is just Cook-Cook)

Broke (for anything broken, or necklaces tangled together)

Brace (bracelets)

N-O (maybe this one I don’t want to remember)

Pig…oink, oink

Rock-rock (if she want to rock in a chair)

Night, night (when it’s time for bed or just when she lays down on the floor randomly)

Teeth! (time to brush teeth)

Grace (what she calls all her cousins – even though the other three are named Avery, Haley, and Braeden)


ABCs (anytime she sees any letters)

Please! (if there is food involved)

Uh-oh, spaghetti-o’s (seriously, it sounds just like that)

Shoes! (if anyone leaves, she grabs her shoes and is ready to go too!)

Purse (Mrs. Potato Head has one and so does Mommy)


I love you (she has a doll that says ‘I love you’ and Macy likes to say it back)


She also has started singing songs and her favorite is The B-I-B-L-E or in Macy-speak the B-I-B-I-B.  She sings the first few phrases until someone joins in with her and then at the end of the song says, “BIBLE!”  I actually got this on video (reminder to post later).

Well, I guess that’s enough for now.  Until next week…


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