One of the hazards of living overseas is that you miss a lot of special events.  Weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, Easter egg hunts, July Fourth fireworks, and even funerals go out without you there.  I think people even get used to your absence, which is sad, but just a part of the life we live.

Last night, we did not have to miss a very special event.

I have lived down the street from the Creed family for as long as I can remember.  Jeremy and I played together, climbed fences together, and swam together all throughout my childhood.  Our families vacationed together, spent weekends together, and ate A LOT of Mexican food together (for those of you who know me, you know I’m grimacing right now).  🙂  Courtney was probably one of the first babies I ever really held.

Last night, Jeremy and Megean (the love of his life) got married.  And we got to be a part of it.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was full of good food, good friends, and (really) good cake.

This night also marked a first for Macy.  My wonderful in-laws offered to babysit, because let’s be honest, the idea of taking a 20-month-old to a wedding was daunting.  Those of you in Houston know that the weather was crazy (ice everywhere) and we weren’t sure if it was going to be safe for them to leave our house late at night, so we brought Macy to them.  We planned to come back and get her after the wedding.

On our drive home though, Jeff started talking about just letting her spend the night there.  She was already asleep, he said and this way we wouldn’t have to wake her up, put on her coat, get her into the carseat, drive her home, and put her in another bed.  I really wanted to go get her, but I realized he was right.

It was her first night not spending the night with us.

So you might wonder what Macy’s reaction was when we walked in the door the next morning (with Shipley’s  donuts and Starbucks in hand).  She ran to me, hugged me, and wouldn’t let go?  She started crying, “Mommy!”?  She just went right back to playing?  For those of you who guessed number three, you are right.  She looked at me and then turned right back around to keep on playing with Grandmommy.  Oh, Macy.  🙂

It was pretty strange not having our little girl right next door though.  When I woke up in the morning, I looked at the clock (7ish AM) and rolled over and went back to sleep.  Wow.  That hasn’t happened since…well, May 27, 2009.  Then, I got up, took a shower (with no one coming in the bathroom to help), brushed my teeth, combed my hair, etc. – all without chasing after a little girl.  It was…wonderful.

So, thank you, thank you to Grandmommy and Buddy for feeding, clothing, playing with, feeding again (haha), and sleeping with Macy.  We owe you another cup of Starbucks.


One thought on “Sleepover

  1. ahhh… i can honestly say that if i’m away from sterling for more than 3 hours i start missing him in a very pathetic mommy kinda way. i totally feel ya… and yet it seems that Macy is so well loved that she doesn’t mind that she doesn’t see you every waking moment. way to love your little girl well! p.s. looking forward to the days when i get to sleep in past 7 am – 2.5 years to go!

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