Nursery Fun

One thing that has been a little bit of culture shock for me has been the nursery scene (it feels like) everywhere we go.  Until she came back to the States in December, Macy had never been in any kind of formal “childcare” situation and I wasn’t sure how she would handle it.  Our first real dose was in Virginia at a conference and Macy, with about 9 other one-year-olds, had her first try at life in the nursery.  I was pretty nervous.

But the staff was AMAZING.  Not only did they invite us in to talk about our child, they asked about food preferences, likes/dislikes, sleeping habits, etc.  They listened carefully and wrote all of it down.  (I didn’t realize it at the time, but it is was such a blessing to have someone care enough to write things down!)  They had made special cubbies for each of the kids and even assigned chairs for meals and snacks – each one had their name labeled and any food allergies or aversions.  Unbelievable.

The staff was in charge of the kiddos from morning until afternoon and managed to tackle naptime by setting up cots and (firmly) encouraging each child to sleep on his or her cot.  Wow.  Even Macy took a nap every day.

When we went to pick them up, they gave us a piece of paper with information every parent wants to know: what they ate, how many diapers they changed (well, maybe not that one), and how long they slept.

Let’s just take a moment to pause and be thankful for these wonderful women.

Needless to say, this was like the nursery mountaintop.  I never worried about Macy because I knew from the moment I walked in the door that her teachers were organized, capable, and kind.

Coming back down to reality, I have still seen the same kindness towards my little girl.  It has been pretty strange for this mommy to leave her in various church nurseries as we make the rounds around Houston – especially considering the fact that for the first 18 months of her life, I was her nursery!  But God keeps presenting us with women that really, truly love Macy and want to help take care of her.  I’ve been really impressed by the church that is letting us use their house (thank you!) and their sweet attention to Macy.  The last time we were there, one of Macy’s teachers told me right after I left she said, “Snack, please!”  She laughed when she told me and I did too.  Oh, Macy.  She loves her food.

I am so thankful for Macy getting all these new experiences with new kids and new teachers – and because I get to be a part of a small group again on Sunday mornings.  Thank you, thank you to all of you who have worked tirelessly in nurseries…we do appreciate you!


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