You Don’t Need Teeth

When I decided to go to Texas A&M, I didn’t know very many of the freshman class.  I still remember the first day my roommate and I moved into our dorm and ended up meeting our neighbors who were doing the same.  One of these neighbors, it turns out, would become one of my very best friends.  We hung out together in college, she was in my wedding, I was in her wedding, and then she and her husband made the long journey over to see us Thanksgiving time in 2009.  At that point, Macy was about 7 months old, and we had such a blast showing them Hong Kong (one of the best cities in the world), and bringing them to visit our neck of the woods.

Megan and Mark had their first baby, a precious little boy named Hudson, in July of last year.  So we just had to trek it on out to Pearland to see him in action.  Funny enough, he’s about the same age Macy was the first time they met her.

As we were driving down a two lane road, we just happened to pass a restaurant called “Good Eats Barbecue”.  Their slogan was “You don’t need teeth to eat our meat!”  Yes, I am serious.  And yes, that is awesome.  Jeff and I laughed for like 20 minutes and later told Mark and Megan that even Hudson would enjoy a little meat.  🙂

I got to hold Hudson while Macy plays with all his toys

Megan and Hudson…so sweet!

Daddy and Macy swing in the backyard

Macy pets the “pup-pup”, in this case, their dog Gibson

I’m saying, “Megan, you look good with two kids!”

Macy makes Hudson laugh

We had such a great time eating together and watching our kids get into everything (mostly Macy).  She was so happy to have someone else’s toys to mess with (sorry Hudson).  Thanks Mark & Meg for letting us come over and for your friendship over the years.  Next time, let’s do barbecue!


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