Post-It Note

The way the Gilmore Girls grandparents write their will…

Emily: Yes. So, Rory, your grandfather and I thought it might be nice after dinner for you to go around the house and pick out what you’d like us to leave you in our wills.
Richard: Take a look at that desk in my office. It’s a really fine Georgian piece.
Lorelai: Why don’t I ever bring a tape recorder to these dinners?
Rory: Oh, well, anything you want to leave me is fine.
Emily: Nonsense. You should have what you like. So look around and when you see something you like stick a post-it on it.
Lorelai: OK, you two have officially hit a new level of weird that even I marvel at.
Emily: You can pick out things too, you know.
Lorelai: Oh, well now it’s way less creepy.
Emily: Did you hear that Richard? Apparently we’re creepy.
Richard: Yes, well, live and learn.

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