Time Flies…

Have we really already been home two months?!

In some ways, it feels as though we just got here.  I still don’t really know my way around the neighborhood we are living in (I know, I know), I almost expect that strangers will want to start up a conversation with me anywhere I go, and I feel out of place when people are referencing TV shows I’ve never seen.

On the other hand, there are some definite ways I can tell we have been here two months.

  • Macy’s relationship with her grandparents has grown.  Quickly.  She might notice when Jeff or I leave her, but she quickly recovers and doesn’t seem to mind if we’re gone.  She hugs them, kisses them, and calls them each by name.  And if one spouse shows up without the other, she is concerned and keeps asking about the missing grandparent.  She picks up the phone and says, “Hello Papa!” or “Cook-Cook?” several times during the day.  It is precious.
  • We’ve built on and made some new meaningful friendships.  It’s really been a blessing to spend time with the friends we have missed for the last four years…and not have to say goodbye as quickly this time.  Instead we can say – see you tomorrow!
  • Macy has gotten some great opportunities to play with her cousins and let them spoil her rotten!  (This also goes for her Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Dexter).  We were at their house for Super Bowl and I look over and Macy is saying – please, Dexter, more – and he gave her a spoonful of dessert.  She knows how to work the system.
  • I get to throw my wonderful friend, Meagan, a baby shower because I’ll actually be here to do it!  She has been such a good friend to me for a long time and I’m so looking forward to celebrating the birth of her son.

After saying all of this, I do miss my good friends in East Asia.  Email and Skype calls aren’t quite the same as seeing a friend regularly.

I remember Jeff telling me once that someone like us may only feel “happy” when they are on an airplane – when you are overseas, you miss your friends and family – and when you are in the States, you miss your friends and family too.  You wish you could be in two places at once.  It almost feels like you don’t belong anywhere.

Not that I’m feeling sad – I truly am thankful that we get this time of refreshment and that we will get the opportunity to go back.  It’s a strange life we lead…but I know our God has us in this life for a reason!


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