A Tribute

Today my little girl is 21 months old.  I thought I’d post a few pictures as a little tribute…

One year old…celebrating in London

13 months…sweet girl

14 months…what should I do today?

15 months…all smiles

16 months…giggle, giggle

17 months…pretty, pretty princess

18 months…fun in the park

19 months…first trip to the beach

20 months….splish, splash

21 months…decked out in pj’s and Mommy’s shoes

Looking forward to many, many more months!


2 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. Macy Kailyn, seems like yesterday we were in Thailand waiting for you and look at you now…more beautiful and full of energy (you make me tired).
    I love you my little baby girl (mommy is my baby girl)
    Hugs and kisses

  2. thank you for all the Macy pictures! absolutely enjoy seeing her grow up via blog… so thankful for you guys and excited that you get to enjoy some our hometown favorites… such as pappasitos. :)(((hugs)))

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