Two if the First One is Quiet

Two observations, if I may.  1. I’m glad Jeff and I agree on the number of children we want to have.  2. Based on Sookie’s last sentence, I’m not sure we’ll make it to 2 kids.  🙂

Sookie: Last night, I made coq au vin for dinner, so of course the subject of children came up.
Lorelai: Of course.
Sookie: All of a sudden, completely out of the blue, Jackson announces he wants four in four.
Lorelai: He wants what?
Sookie: Four in four. Four kids in four years.
Lorelai: Good Lord!
Sookie: I know!
Lorelai: Well, who’s he gonna have these kids with?
Sookie: Me, apparently.
Lorelai: What did you say?
Sookie: See, here’s where, uh, the problem comes in.
Lorelai: What?
Sookie: I think I said yes.
Lorelai: How is that possible?
Sookie: Well, I was totally shocked when he announced it and I sort of said, “O. . kay” and . . but I think he took it as, “Okay!” So, apparently, now I have to get busy.
Lorelai: Do you want four in four?
Sookie: No. But, I mean, I want kids. You know I want kids.
Lorelai: I know you want kids.
Sookie: But I thought maybe one. Two if the first one is really quiet.

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