Doesn’t Get More Texas Than This

I’m from Texas.  Growing up, I never really thought about being from Texas, because I just was.  The older I get, though, the more I realize how much being from Texas is a part of my “culture”.

For example, every year in Houston, there is the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  The rodeo is made up of lots of things – carnival rides, shows from popular artists, barbecue, funnel cakes, and cowboys roping calves and riding bulls.  I had been a few times growing up, as most Houstonians have I’m sure, but it has been probably about 5 or 6 years since I attended my last rodeo.

I felt quite at home.

For one thing, the rodeo itself is quite a different culture than the culture we live in overseas.  For another, this year I had a little girl to bring with me.

I was really excited about bringing Macy to the rodeo – Jeff and I actually went last night on a date and talked about all the things we thought Macy would like to see and do.  But our morning didn’t start out quite as smoothly as I had hoped.

I thought I was so smart by going on a Friday morning before Houston’s spring break starts next week.  I didn’t take into account that most schools were using the Friday before spring break to take their kids on a field trip.  To the rodeo.  Wow.

We made our way into one of the petting zoos.  There were WAY too many kids and they were WAY bigger than Macy.  She was not happy.

Holding onto Grandmommy for dear life – and saying “Go, go”

We got out of there relatively quickly.  I then spotted the pony ride and thought Macy would really like to ride a pony.  I was wrong again.  She was still so upset about the petting zoo that she did not want me to let her go.

The guy gave me my money back after Macy decided she was NOT going to ride the horse.

We decided to take a breather.  I remembered back to Macy’s first carousel ride – she wasn’t pleased to get on the horse at first, and then decided after about a minute that she loved the horsie.  Jeff sang to her – giddy up horsie, go to town – and did his horse noise, and this seemed to really help.  After a couple of minutes of watching other kids ride the ponies, she started waving at the horses.  And then blowing kisses to them.  And then saying “Hi, horse!”  I figured we were home-free.

By the time we got back in line, she was saying, “Horse!” and getting impatient to ride.

We chose a white horse named Twinkie…original, I thought.

After getting buckled in, we L-O-V-E-D our pony ride.

Time for lunch!

After eating, we tried a different petting zoo.  This one did not have nearly the same amount of kids inside.

We actually got close enough to touch a sheep…

And even feed one!

Then we found the giant hill…

And wanted to learn how to roll down it like the other kids…

And for our finale – we found a perfect rodeo backdrop to take our last picture…

Woohoo!  Go Rodeo!


3 thoughts on “Doesn’t Get More Texas Than This

  1. Very good job Amy. You caught all of the moods, from scared to happy. The last one is priceless and looks real.

  2. love this! yes… we texans do have a very interesting culture! i’m so grateful that macy is getting to enjoy some if herself! what a cutie! so funny how things rarely turn out to be the great idea we had expected… though i’m grateful for you guys that you were able to turn her attitude around. i’m sure our little ones think it’s hard for them with mommy & daddy having so many expectations… but what they don’t know is that we only want to make them happy & see their million dollar smiles! btw: you look like a celebrity! keep the pictures and updates coming. we’re enjoying them here on the east side! (((hugs)))

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