Last weekend, we went “camping”.  For those of you who know me, or who have met me at least once, you can probably guess that I am not a camper – or even a “camper”.

The first time I went for-real camping was when Jeff and I were dating.  There were several families going and somehow – oh, to be young in love – I ended up joining them. I slept in a tent with another friend.  She slept that night.  I did not.  Jeff had let me borrow one of his family’s air mattresses and within minutes of laying on it, it deflated.  Between sleeping on the rocky ground, the cool weather, and the noises you hear when you are sleeping outside, sleep eluded me.  So as much as I enjoyed hanging out with friends, I discovered that camping was probably not my thing.

My next camping adventure was not too long after Jeff and I got married.  We had registered for some camping equipment – chairs, those bedroll things, etc. – and got a chance to use them on a camping/canoeing trip with friends.  It was better – I definitely slept better on the bedroll rather than the deflated air mattress – but I still kind of knew that I wasn’t born to love the great outdoors.

(For more info, see The Great In(Out)doors)

Despite all of this, I was excited about Jeff’s family “camping” trip.  First of all, I love Jeff’s family…(let’s just pause for a moment and say, ‘aw’.)  And second of all, I knew – without a doubt – that Macy would LOVE camping – or “camping” in this case (if you are wondering, I’m using the quotes because we didn’t sleep outside, but in cabins).  It combines lots of her favorite things – outside, swings, swimming, cousins, climbing, and hot dogs.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon and stayed through Sunday morning.  When camping with a toddler, you find yourselves still keeping with a routine.  Ours was:

Early morning – Get up.  Jeff takes Macy over to Grandmommy and Buddy’s cabin while I take a shower and get ready.  Then we would all eat breakfast together.

Morning – Play on playground with cousins.  Macy loved swinging – she would have one cousin behind her to push, and one cousin in front of her to dance/make funny faces/sing songs/entertain her.  Fun, fun, fun.

Noon – Lunchtime.

One to threeish – Nap.  (I got to read my book in the a/c while Macy slept.)

Afternoon – Put on bathing suit and lots of sunscreen to go swimming…yay!  At first Macy was a little scared of the water (it was pretty cold), but we took her to a shallower part and she loved playing in it.

Early evening – Get out of the water, change clothes, and get ready for dinner.  Maybe squeeze in a little more playground time.

Evening – Dinner.  Play at the arcade – which even had a mini-carousel, Skee-Ball, Ping-Pong table, etc.  Or make s’mores in the fire.

Later evening – Macy sings herself to sleep at night and talks through her day – “Grace. Avery. Haley. Braeden. Horse. Play.”

Jeff with all the cousins

Braeden on the rope swing

…and Jeff on the rope swing

Our last night there was HOT DOG night!  Macy can eat her some hot dogs 🙂

Jeff said to Macy – “Show Daddy your hot dog!”

All in all, it was pretty great to be able to spend time with Jeff’s family – his parents, sister and her family, uncle and aunt, cousin, and more friends.  Guess I’ll learn how to be a camper.  Or at least a “camper”.


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