Friends Forever

I “found” my 9th grade yearbook today.  Talk about a blast from the past.  Let’s just say I hope that picture never gets published.  🙂

And then I saw an entry with very familiar handwriting…

“I’m glad we are friends…I’ll see you later, since you are like my best bud! Duh! I hope we stay friends forever…college…marriage…baby shower…retirement…I love you, and hopefully this stuff that I wrote comes in this order.  I love you! love, Kasie”

This almost brought tears to my eyes, because the same girl that wrote this was my best friend throughout high school and college, was the maid of honor in my wedding, and is now Auntie Kasie to my baby girl.  Who could have known her yearbook entry when we were 15 would have come true?

Today, we got to spend the day with Kasie and her fabulous fiance JB.  Macy had a GREAT time…

JB and Macy play Elmo

Upside down!

Snuggle time

Macy wanted to fill JB’s shoes…literally

Aunt Kasie chases Macy under the table


and Macy wants to join in…

Thanks for being my BFF all these years…we haven’t lived in the same state in like 9 years (wow), and yet you’ll always be my best friend.  I love you Kasie Lee!


One thought on “Friends Forever

  1. Amay! This is sooo cute! I vaguely remember that yearbook post from back in the day… that was around the time I started to go by “Kasie Lee” so it’s crazy to see I’m still there!

    JB was just saying yesterday how much he wished you guys were closer, but I say it gives us a reason to travel, and get out more. You can definitely count on another reunion in Hong Kong a few years down the line ; )

    I’m so glad you’re my best friend still. Someone once said, no matter how far apart and for however long, we would always be able to pick back up where we left off! So true! Love you bestie!

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