Super Size Me

Reverse culture shock moment number five hundred and thirty-seven.  (Just kidding, I’m not really numbering them…but maybe I should start).

I went to Wendy’s the other day.  I do miss the Wendy’s dollar menu.  First reverse culture shock moment was when I realized they took my  5 piece chicken nuggets off the dollar menu and replaced them with some kind of spicy chicken nuggets – as Macy would say, “Oh, no!”

Second reverse culture shock moment was when I ordered a small drink and small fry.  Small.  What I got back was definitely almost a large.  I was pretty shocked.  I had no idea the fast food industry had replaced the small drink with a mediumish-large, making the medium a large, and the large a super-size.  Wow.

Did anyone else see that movie “Super-Size Me”?  It’s about this guy who only eats McDonald’s for a month or so.  I think the rules were that he only ate McDonald’s three meals a day and if they asked him if he wanted to super-size, he had to.  I can’t imagine what the super-size drink looks like now! 🙂  If I’m remembering correctly, that might be about the same time that McDonald’s came out with salads on their menu.

Anyway, I took my small drink and small fry and had enough to share with Jeff.  And the chicken nuggets were good too…even if they did cost $1.29.


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