Eat Mor Chikin

Being in the States with a toddler is quite different from being in the States without one.  Our restaurant choices have changed slightly…I find myself wanting to choose places I know will – a. be at least a little bit noisy b. serve free bread before the meal or c. have a reasonably priced kid’s meal.  Today we got two out of three and hit a family favorite – Chick-fil-a.

I liked Chick-fil-a before Macy was born.  I could eat a chicken sandwich with the best of them.  But I never paid much attention to how kid-friendly they really were.

For one, they have one of the cleanest indoors playgrounds I’ve seen.  It has a toddler area and a place for bigger kids to climb up and slide down.

Two, I’m a fan of their kid’s meal options.  Macy usually gets the single chicken strip, fruit cup, and white milk.  This of course is not the healthiest thing I could feed her, but it’s pretty good.  Her favorite part is the mandarin oranges.

Three, they give you a place mat for your child.  Simple thing really, but wow, that is really nice.  Usually we’re trying to make sure that Macy doesn’t throw her makeshift plate on the ground along with her food.

And four, their service is wonderful.  Someone came around twice to ask us if we needed anything (I almost forgot we were eating fast food!) and they’ve adopted the phrase, “It’s my pleasure”, which also sounds simple, but actually is pretty nice to hear.

I guess when you put all of these things together, it is no surprise that their drive-thru line alone needs an extra three employees to handle the load during lunchtime.

Way to go, Chick-fil-a.  Now if only you could get a couple of stores on the east side.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Eat Mor Chikin

  1. yes! yes! and yes! kudos chick-fil-a! how what i’d give for a fun play place and a yummy chicken sandwich right about now… :-p

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