On the Road Again

Plane tickets.  Check.  Photo IDs.  Check.  Suitcases bulging.  Check.  Macy strapped in the car with a banana in hand.  Check.  Must be time to travel again.

This time, our travels took us to the faraway state of Nevada and then later the little-bit-closer state of Arizona.  Jeff and I had never been to Las Vegas and with only 2 days to see it, we were going full-speed ahead.  Well, as full-speed as you can go with a toddler.  Our first stop was the strip.

At the Bellagio hotel in front of the carousel

Jeff & Macy check out the fountains

On a sidenote, the Bellagio was probably my favorite hotel…simply because it had this beautiful green area in the middle of it, complete with butterfly exhibit and a small version of a Ferris wheel.  It was the “best” place to take a kid.

After having dinner with good friends, we crashed.  I didn’t even think about it, but 2 hours of “jet lag” IS a big deal for a toddler (not as much as 14 hours of course :)) and so Macy was up and ready to play at…5 AM.  Yay, Macy.  So we did what any other family would do at 5:30 in the morning to kill time…we went back to the strip to see what it looked like with the lights on.

There was a lot less traffic, if you were wondering.

One hotel boasts their very own Eiffel Tower

If money wasn’t an issue – this is the Cirque I would have liked to have seen.  It’s called “Love” and features music from The Beatles.

The lit-up strip

And then Jeff and I ran in to this wedding chapel to renew our vows.

Not so much.

Later that day, we took Macy to the MGM Hotel to see the “big kitty cats” – or in adult speak, the lions.  They are in a glass enclosure and come out with 2 trainers holding large handfuls of raw meat.  Fortunately, the lions seem to like the trainers okay.  Or at least, the lions  like the meat in their hands.  Macy was pretty enthralled with the whole thing.  She kept saying, “Hi big kitty”.

And one last photo of our Las Vegas experience…

The quintessential photo in front of the Las Vegas sign

All in all, the Vegas portion of our trip was fast and furious, but a lot of fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing some “old” friends and making new ones.  Thanks to our hosts…hope to see you on the other side of the world soon!  🙂

And now on to Arizona…Grand Canyon here we come!!


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