Tired of Being American

Emily: Do it again, please! [walks to her seat at the table] I’m not quite sure what other way there is to say ‘no walnuts in the salad’ except to say ‘no walnuts in the salad.’
Lorelai: Mom, she just made a mistake.
Emily: She doesn’t listen, she doesn’t care, she has no work ethic.
Lorelai: She has some work ethic. You made her remake the salad four times.
Emily: I like things done correctly.
Richard: Preferably the first time.
Emily: Thank you, Richard.
Lorelai: You know, Mom, in Europe, they eat the salad last and the main course first.
Emily: We’re not in Europe.
Lorelai: We could pretend.
Emily: Really, Lorelai, you can’t wait ten minutes for another salad? The situation’s that dire?
Lorelai: Four salads ago, no, not dire. Right now it’s ‘your money for nothing and your chicks for free.’
Emily: Rory?
Rory: She didn’t have lunch.
Emily: Fine. [gets up from table]
Richard: Where are you going?
Emily: Apparently, we’re going to be European tonight.
Richard: Oh, wonderful. I was getting so tired of being American, day after day after day.

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