The Hunt of the Century

Last year, when we made our quick trip home for Jeff’s grandfather’s funeral, we just-so-happened to be home for Easter as well.  I hadn’t realized how special it would be to share Macy’s first Easter with both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It was truly amazing.

We were invited to an Easter Egg  Hunt at a church here in Houston and decided to go.  Macy had no idea what was going on, but we had fun sitting her next to her basket and snapping a few photos.

(Pause while I look for those pictures.  They must be on the other computer.  Bummer.  I think they are on my facebook page…try clicking here.)

Anyway, this year I figured Macy would actually know what was going on and had already been playing with her Easter basket.  Let’s hunt for eggs, Macy!

Jeff hula-hoops while we wait…(don’t ask)

Macy lines up to go hunt eggs

Alright, where are they?

There’s one!

Family photo (I have no idea what Macy was looking at)

Macy & Mama

After the egg hunting, the kids were taken to…a Dora moonwalk!  Macy kept saying, “Hi Dora!”

Jump, jump Macy!

I love moonwalks!

Next to the Dora moonwalk was a big slide.  My mom and Macy did the slide together, but at that moment, the camera told Jeff my memory stick was full.  Oops.  I confess that I am not very good at deleting pictures off of my stick.  Sorry, Mom.

I deleted a few pics quickly and managed to catch one good shot of Jeff going down with Macy…


Tomorrow, we’ll be spending the day with Jeff’s family and the evening with mine.  Jeff’s mom really knows how to do an Easter egg hunt, so we’ll get more use out of Macy’s basket.  Happy (almost) Easter!


One thought on “The Hunt of the Century

  1. ahhh. how fun! looks like macy is quite the finder! and for jeff… welll, i guess he’s quite the hipster! just so ya know… we here in dong bei are very jealous of your summer dress attire and warm weather. you all look good, while we here are still looking a bit cold with are two layers! (((hugs))) from your chilly friends! ~jd2

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