Resurrection Day

Macy’s morning started off like any other…with a basket full of gifts.  Oh, wait just a second.  Today is Easter!

Macy grabs an audience (her baby, puppy, and Elmo) to come watch her open her basket

Bunny ears and a bunny around the neck!

The Easter bunny even brought special hunt-for-Easter-eggs glasses for Macy to wear

Every year for Easter, my mother-in-law puts on an Easter egg hunt you do not want to miss.  She fills 150 eggs for her 5 grandchildren full of chocolate, quarters, and maybe even some dollar bills and fills up big Easter eggs for us grown-ups.  After lunch, we all go out to hunt (which usually involves me telling Jeff to find my eggs while I take pictures of Macy hunting hers) and then we come in to check out what’s inside.  Never a dull moment at the George household.

Here are a few family pics of our Easter Sunday…

Let the hunting begin…

All the kids wait patiently for the adults (except for Macy of course)

Hunting Easter eggs is serious business

Happy Easter everyone!


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