God Made Dirt

Sometimes I have to remind myself that God made dirt…even though I do not love it.  (He also made cockroaches, and I’m not very fond of those either :)).

I have to remind myself this, because my beautiful little girl LOVES dirt.  And bugs.  And rocks.  The first time Macy saw a sandbox, it was like heaven on earth.  I had to keep telling myself that sand comes out in the wash.  (Yes, I did love going to the beach as a kid.  I don’t where these feelings came from, but they came much later in life).

The other day, Jeff and his mom took Macy and her cousin Avery to the arboretum.  After walking around for a while, they came upon a sandbox.  I was going to meet them for lunch at noon, and when they hadn’t come by 12:10, I got a little concerned – mostly because I didn’t have a cell phone to call them and wasn’t sure if I was at the right Chick-fil-a – and when they showed up, Jeanette told me that the reason they were running late was because they had a little trouble getting Macy out of the sandbox.  Jeff said he knew it was going to be bad because she was really concentrating.  (Sidenote – if Macy is really concentrating on playing with something, it is bad news if you take that thing away from her).

Here’s some pics from Jeanette’s camera of Macy and Avery playing…

Macy sees the sandbox

Solo playtime

And playtime with Avery…

Fortunately, the cameras were not rolling when they took Macy out of the playground.  I’m not sure that is a picture anyone would have wanted to see.

So here’s to sandboxes.  And all the fun kids can have in them.

And thank God that He also made laundry detergent.


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