Health Food

There are times I feel the same way about health food…

Luke: They’re gonna get cold.
Lorelai: Are they different?
Luke: Different than what?
Lorelai: They seem different.
Luke: They’re nachos. Now eat them.
Lorelai: You used baked chips.
Luke: What?!
Lorelai: You did, didn’t you? You used baked chips and low fat cheese.
Luke: I did not [pauses] use low fat cheese.
Lorelai: Ha!
Luke: How can you tell?
Lorelai: How could you lie?
Luke: It tastes the same!
Lorelai: [sighs] The trust Luke! How are we gonna make it if you’re constantly trying to keep me healthy?
Luke: Fine. Forget it. Die at 60.
Lorelai: Bring me a donut while I wait!?

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