Middle Seats

Visas in the mail.  Check.  Plane tickets confirmed.  Check.  Seating arrangements.  Hmm.

Since the booking had to happen pretty late in the game, the only options for the three of us to sit together on the long flight over was either row 60 or 61.  There are 61 rows on the plane.

I called United just to see if magically their screen had anything different.

It didn’t.

I casually mentioned that we were elite members with Continental (who has merged with United) and her tone turned optimistic.  Oh, she said, well in that case, you all will qualify for the “economy plus” section…more leg room, more ice cream.  (Ok, not really on the ice cream).

She checked her system again.  There weren’t any three seats together in economy plus either.

So we were left with a choice.  Jeff and I fly a lot and we haven’t had the best experience with the back of the plane – it’s hotter, seriously louder, and on top of the bathrooms.  Add Macy to the equation and we were hesitant to sit there.

The other option was to move up to economy plus and take two middle seats in the middle section (it’s a 3, 4, 3 plane) and then another middle seat across the aisle and just hope beyond hope that either someone doesn’t show up or an angel sits next to me and is willing to switch seats with Jeff so we can sit together.

We gambled.

I went ahead and moved our seats to the economy plus section.  So worst case scenario, Macy and I will sit in between two strangers and across the aisle will be Jeff sitting between two strangers.  But I have a feeling they won’t be strangers for long, because Macy will be crawling back and forth over them to get to her daddy.

So I guess we’ll see how it goes.  It’s only 15 hours, right?  You can handle just about anything for 15 hours.  🙂


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