Girls Rule…

I’m not sure if I’d ever mentioned it, but Jeff and I have known each other for a long time.  Like for almost 20 years long time.

We became friends when I was in high school.  We didn’t hang out a whole lot, but our paths crossed every now and then.  When I was a senior, I think, we saw each other more because I was working in the nursery at our church and Jeff was the youth intern.  (This is the part he loves to tell people).

One day, Jeff was shopping at Value Village, a store that sells – for lack of a better word – used clothing.  I’m not sure why he was there, maybe he was hanging out with someone else, but he ended up finding a shirt from the high school of one of the youth members and so he bought it.  And then I guess, he thought of me, and bought me a shirt as well.

It was brown.  A size large.  And it said, “Girls rule, boys drool.”

And this is the shirt that Jeff thought I would like.

Ah, well.  He didn’t know me very well back then.

So today, Jeff was going out to do some painting on the house (another blog for another day), and went upstairs to change his shirt before he left.

When he came downstairs, this is what he was wearing.

Yes, that is the shirt.  Classic Amy, don’t you think?

This blast from the past made me smile.  When I was 18, I had no idea that this Value Village shirt-buying guy was going to be the love of my life.  God really does have a sense of humor.


One thought on “Girls Rule…

  1. awesome! you had me laughing out loud! i certainly hope he didn’t get too much paint on that precious brown shirt ’cause i’d really like to see him sporting it on the east side! very classy… and very jeff! 🙂

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